Oh birds.

It was the warmest day since moving in here a week and a half ago.  Had the day off and the homeowners upstairs were away so it was nice and quiet.  I took to the green deck chair to relax and take in the scenery beyond the bathtub.KODAK Digital Still Camera

I sat there about 20 minutes listening to a hummingbird shoot back and forth through the trees over and over but never caught a glimpse of it in the air.   Then I heard rustling behind me and perched in an aspen not 20 feet from me was this fella.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

At first I thought it was a Spotted Towhee, but it’s actually a Black-Headed Grosbeak.  Sort of similar looking but the bird I was looking at had black eyes, not red, and the feathers are quite different upon closer inspection.  Here’s a pic of a Spotted Towhee pasted on a close up I took of the Grosbeak.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

And, this is where in America Black-Headed Grosbeak’s can be seen, in addition to the trees outside my rented porch.


And I found a use for the bathtub.


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3 Responses to Oh birds.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love seeing what is going on. How neat! The wild life is wonderful! Sometimes I forget how beautiful Colorado is! 🙂


  2. Billy Ray says:

    Love all the birds. See all of your panning eguipment too.👍👍


  3. 123hike says:

    That bird hung around in the same basic spot for maybe 15 minutes. Itsort of loped and climbed from limb to limb in the shade of the same tree. I got a good long look at it and thought it might be fun to know what sort of name it goes by. Then I put my winter tires in the bathtub. 🦅


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