Nature City

Had the house/property to myself for most of last week without internet, so I took advantage of the deck chair and the view from the porch.  Ain’t I ambitious.

All sorts of sparrows making noise in the trees last evening. The yellow and black and whites vs. something brown and gray.  Others just chirping.  One bird adding it’s own unique sound from somewhere in the shade of the bottom branches under a tall blue spruce.  No big bird bullies to be seen. Just the serious little ones all scattered through the trees. The big birds of spring are gone. This is little bird territory now.

The tall tall blue spruce

There’s been a hummingbird out here too. It’s been around longer than the big birds and the little birds combined. The hummingbird’s still busy in the woods hours after the little birds go quiet. The hummingbird is first to rise too.  

Went rock hunting a week ago Sunday, but after hiking nearly all the way in I heard thunder and turned tail.  Rained out, but I got to sweat plenty in the sun while it lasted.  

Saw a few “new” types flowers but I was lazy and shot them with the phone so the pics didn’t come out clear.  I’m planning to I.D ’em after I’m done with “High Country Coin Laundry” in Woodland Park.

Pineywood Geranium

Fairy Trumpet flower

Blanket Flower


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3 Responses to Nature City

  1. TS says:

    Wow I bet you loved having place to yourself! Love reading the posts!


  2. 123hike says:

    Ya getting a good dose of the mountains here 🙂
    Glad ya like takin’ a’ gander!


  3. TS says:

    Love it!


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