More nature? Yes, thanks.

Drove out to ‘the spot’ Saturday evening, just to get out, and hoping to see a thunderstorm pass over the peak.  Thought I might get a show as I approached the parking area but these dark clouds stayed north and within just one hour the sky was nearly clear.

Had to keep an eye out for deer on the drive home (8pm).  Saw a good 10 or 12 grazing by the side of the road:KODAK Digital Still Camera


Went back again this morning (Sunday), early, in case of rain in the afternoon.  Combed the ground for a couple hours.  Didn’t find any “valuables” but hey, this is prospecting.

Brought this home as a souvenir:  A sort of interesting cluster of granite and small white quartz crystals:


All this rain has been good for the flora.  Lots and lots of orange “Indian Paintbrush” and purple/yellow “Showy Daisy” throughout the aspen groves.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

These weren’t in bloom last weekend, and I only saw 3 or 4. “Mariposa-lily”

And this is the first wild raspberry I’ve seen.  I think there will be lots of these soon, but this is the first (and only) berry I’ve seen so far.


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2 Responses to More nature? Yes, thanks.

  1. TS says:

    Love all these pictures…they are so beautiful!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks “TS!” 🙂


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